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With Marketing Lifecycle Services
from Pitney Bowes

Need to attract more profitable customers or foster long-term loyalty? Or maybe you're in the public sector trying to get your message heard, or change citizen behaviour. Whatever challenge you face, Marketing Lifecycle Services' blend of tactical and strategic services boosts marketing effectiveness and cuts costs, fast.

Maximise marketing impact, drive ROI – and save money.

Set your business free
Plan   |   Prepare   |   Produce   |   Provision   |   Protect   |   Perform
Plan: Campaign Planning

Our Campaign Planning service, powered by Portrait Software, gives you deep insights into your audiences' needs, wants and changing behaviour. With innovative intelligence, analytics and campaign management tools, this service can help you plan personalised offers and communications, and adapt them dynamically to boost their performance.

We'll optimise your marketing budget including print by designing more targeted, impactful communications. And your customers or citizens will enjoy a unique experience that can help your message get through, motivate them into action or help to keep them loyal.
Prepare: Creative Services

Capturing the attention of customers, prospects, employees or citizens demands high impact marketing. Working with outside agencies can slow you down and the costs can be prohibitive. Our Creative Services offer a flexible and cost-effective alternative: a team of our project managers, designers, copywriters and digital programmers on site, as and when you need them. Alternatively, you can simply select the additional skills your in-house team requires.
Produce: Managed Print

Our Managed Print service will set your organisation free by unleashing your purchasing power, making your production process more efficient, and delivering world-class results. We leverage our network of global print providers to optimise your print buying power and deliver significant cost savings – up to 20%. Our print specialists will manage the process for you. So as well as saving you effort and money, we can give you back the time to refocus on more strategic activities.

Provision: Storage and Distribution

Getting the right message, to the right people, at the right time is crucial. Our Storage and Distribution service gives you collateral on demand via a centralised storage facility. It saves you time and money, and ensures you never run out of the assets you need. View materials and dispatch them to any location via a personalised web page.
Protect: Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management securely stores all your marketing assets: digital artwork files, video, music, images, logos and more. You and your marketing partners can access a catalogue of current and archived items, adapt them, then seek approval from the owner. Your service can be designed and managed by us, with tailor-made functions including cataloguing, version control, rights management, and archiving and retrieval. It's the perfect way to collaborate and protect brand integrity in one.
Perform: Performance Management

Measuring ROI and evaluating campaigns is critical in the drive towards marketing effectiveness. Our Performance Management service, powered by Portrait Software, helps you create more successful campaigns by monitoring responses and adapting offers or messages dynamically through real-time insights. Once your campaigns are complete, we'll help you analyse the results and gain a deeper understanding of how they are being received and what influence they are having on audience behaviour. You'll create more relevant, value-generating campaigns and get your budget working harder.
All-in-one marketing support

Maximising the performance of every marketing campaign and driving operational effectiveness is more important now than it's ever been. Keeping citizens informed, increasing revenues, keeping customers loyal all are vital activities that must be achieved, even as budgets decline.

The key lies in creating uniquely personal communications and customer or citizen experiences delivered through multi-channel campaigns. Marketing Lifecycle Services, part of our Communications Management strategy, is a sophisticated range of services designed to do just that, while cutting costs, driving ROI and boosting effectiveness at every stage of the marketing lifecycle.

From campaign planning to execution and measuring their performance, Marketing Lifecycle Services gives you the tools, skills and services to help you to:
  • Analyse your audiences' needs
  • Create high impact communications across print and digital media
  • Evaluate their success before the next planning cycle.
The result is marketing paradise: high performance campaigns for less.

Why Marketing Lifecycle Services?
It sets your organisation free, by optimising budgets, freeing your people from operational hassle, and empowering you to generate even more value.

You get:
  • Fast insights into your audiences' needs, wants and behaviour
  • Dynamic updates to campaigns, with real-time feedback
  • Lower costs and optimised expenditure
  • Shorter campaign time-to-market
  • Increased multi-channel campaign performance
  • Less time wasted on low-level, time-consuming operational activities
  • Our world-class specialists, to extend your skills base
  • Increased marketing control and simple, accurate reporting.